Brother crow announces brother wolf’s entrance into the clearing

Wolves are one of the most important predators in North America. Overzealous farmers almost wiped them out, but then it was discovered that wolves keep elk and deer populations healthy by weeding out the sick and the injured ones and their presence keeps the population of coyotes at bay as well. Wolves are wonderful animals, great mothers, and have great family structures, with the whole family taking care of the alpha pair’s cubs. I hope we humans can figure out a way to share our world with brother wolf, and other great animals, all of which are losing more ground every day.

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2 responses to “Brother crow announces brother wolf’s entrance into the clearing”

  1. Hi Mimi,
    Thanks for pointing out the mistake in the graphic on my post called “Winner”. How ever if you read it carefully you will realize that there is sarcasm in it. I do like to be corrected as we are all humans and I never get hurt if some one corrects me. Thanks again. Munir

  2. Hi Mimi – what a beautiful painting .. it’s just great – and I love the crow in the tree – keeping his beady eye out. You’ve really captured the wolf’s essence ..

    Funny – as I’ve just posted on the history of dogs .. small world sometimes …. cheers Hilary

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