Category: birds

  • Fly an owl postcard

    Just for fun, I painted a great horned owl on a postcard. I think the recipient will be pleased. I love to put colors all over a page and have it come out looking like a bird… in flight.

  • More crows… a murder of them?

    Today I have a quartet of tiny paintings (1.5″ x 2.5″) for sale. Each portrays a crow with a treasure. Each painting is done on nice watercolor paper with fine Daniel Smith paints done by me. Each is for sale for $25.00, and postage is free. All proceeds go to wild animal conservation efforts.

  • A flying ride – with Donald

    A friend asked me about doing a painting of Donald on his bike and as a result, I revisited a painting that I did of Donald FOR Donald some years ago. He loved crows and he also loved being on his bike of course. The reference for this painting was from when he was riding…

  • The forest of my dreams

    Just for fun; where there is light and birds singing, and sweet smells and wondrous trees, where animals play and it so very very alive. This is a 5″ x 7″ painting for sale for $95.00 all proceeds go to wildlife conservation.

  • After the picnic

    Last night on my walk, I was observing crows, so this morning at Seward Park, when I saw some hanging around, I seized the opportunity to paint them. The crows were very hopeful because a little girl and her parents were feeding the ducks. Alas, the tot did not like the crows, so the crows…