Category: animals

  • A pair of lions

    I painted these lions as the plight of our planet’s lions became apparent to me. We have assumed that we would always have happy wild lions, but that is no longer the case. There are less of them all the time, and they need our help. After Cecil was murdered by an arrogant, law breaking,…

  • Down the rabbit hole

    This is a study for a project I am doing. What does it look like, inside a rabbit hole? Does it look cosy? Scary? Does it look like the rabbits like it?

  • Gator at sunrise

    Alligators are iconic in the Florida wetlands. They are very large and nasty looking. While most of the time they don’t move at all, they can move quickly and silently. They are confident masters of their territory. And they don’t just live in the nature preserves. There are some living within the city limits of…

  • Not coyotes, these are wolves

    Another rare grey wolf was shot by a hunter. He thought it was a coyote, and shot before he noticed she had a radio collar (Link to article). Wolves are so very important for our ecosystem, and for that matter, so are coyotes. Bounties on predators might have been important during the days of Little…

  • A regal terrier

    While visiting this fox terrier’s family, I had chance to observe her when her human went into the kitchen. She posed, erect, as if she was ready to leap the moment she heard the right enticing sound. I was inspired by her posture and knew I had to paint her. Not for sale.