Zebra Dove

One of the first things that I noticed visiting Hawaii were the birds. Everywhere we looked were beautiful colorful birds. In the morning when you awaken, you can hear them, they are on the beach, in the trees, waiting for you underfoot while you sit at a restaurant outside in the evening breeze.
The Zebra dove, much smaller than the doves and pigeons I have seen on the mainland, is one of the more ubiquitous species. I saw them everywhere. They have a wonderful voice and in Thailand and Indonesia, there are competitions as to which bird has the best call. Zebra doves are omnivorous, and will eat seeds, bugs, and crumbs around outside tables.
The reality of birds in Hawaii is this: most tourists never see a native bird. Almost all the birds that you might see on any given day are non-native, having been introduced to the island by people who thought they were pretty. Sadly there are only 4 native bird varieties that are still flourishing. At least this little dove is native to nearby places, perhaps they might have settled here eventually.

This little watercolor painting would fit perfectly in a 6″ x 6″ standard frame, and is sold!


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  1. Hi Mimi .. love the little zebra dove – what a great name for a bird .. and how true to form he looks .. love him .. good Z ending .. cheers Hilary

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