Young Pallas cat watching.

The Pallas cat, also called the Manul, is a small wild cat that lives in the cold barren regions of central Asia – the steppe grassland regions of Mongolia, China and the Tibetan Plateau as well as Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. They look much larger than a house cat because of their huge feet and thick plush coat; but the largest of them weigh only 10 pounds. They have adorable low set ears and interestingly, their pupils are round like ours. Although the Pallas cat is not listed on any endangered species list, like many other wild cats, their range is threatened and this particular cat does not breed well in captivity.

This is an original watercolor painting and it measures 5.5″ x 7.5″ and it is for sale for $125.00. Half of the proceeds will go to small wild cat preservation.
There is an organization that focuses on the Manul; they are the Pallas Cat Study and Conservation Program

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23 responses to “Young Pallas cat watching.”

  1. A Pallas cat – lovely!! Too bad they don’r breed in captivity – they would be in demand.

    Happy New Year, Mimi! All the best in 2012!

  2. What a stunning painting – I had not even heard of this breed before so you have educated me as well as fed my creative well. I love how you captured that quizical look that young cats have.

  3. Hello! I am a cat person, meaning for the last 30 some years, I have always had a cat or two. Thank you so much for your idea of donating to save the beautiful wild cats of the world.

  4. Lovely painting of an adorable cat ~
    ~ ~~ Happy New Year to you ~ namaste, Carol, Share the Creative Journey ~ Happy PPF ^_^

  5. What a wonderful cat! Thanks for all the information, I’ve never heard of it before. 🙂 Happy New Year!! Hope you get to celebrate it with a bang. 🙂

  6. I LOVE this cat, Mimi…and your rendition of it, of course! More information about our world is welcome,always, in my estimation, and I didn’t know anything about this cat at all. Thanks…

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