A cat called the Kodkod – Oncifelis guigna

Happy New Year!

Imagine a cat smaller than the cat on your lap; but it looks just like a Jaguar. What an amazing little creature! According to wikipedia they weigh up to five and one half pounds (my tiny cat Nutmeg weighs 8 pounds and she’s not overweight!) and they have a long thick tail. They are threatened since they live in such a small area, parts of Chile and Argentina, in temperate rain forests. They are threatened by logging and habitat loss. This beautiful creature deserves to have a safe place to live. They eat all kinds of vermin, bugs, lizards, mice.

This watercolor painting is painted on Indian Village Handmade paper (which is no longer being made) and is 6″ x 8″. It is for sale for $125 and half the proceeds will go to the CAT ACTION TREASURY, an organization that was created in 1995 to conserve the world’s 36 species of wild cat including the little cats like the Kodkod, the Pallas Cat and the Sand cat.


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  1. Wonderful watercolor painting and very informative. I will forward to my daughter who is an art teacher for pre-school children and might like to show them your paintings and tell them about the cats.

  2. Very different feel of cat from your other paintings.

    You really are on a cat kick right now. And have produced some lovely stuff.

  3. that’s an interesting perspective. Animal Botanicals! But most specifically CATS Thanks for leaving a comment!

  4. Love this composition, it’s soft and detailed at the same time! Thanks for sharing! I love that it half of the proceeds are going to a cat organization! I give back to a dog organization for my dog art!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. This is my first time seeing your work… thank you for educating me about such a beautiful and unique creature through your art.

  6. This is so real. Amazing painting. Love the information, didn’t know that. Yes, Mimi, I make cloth dolls and that was one I had made in the Little Girls Room painting. Thanks for visiting. Blessings, Janet PPF (JKW)

  7. Gorgeous! Brilliant idea to do these wonderful paintings and make us aware of these beautiful cats, and raise money to help them too.

  8. Oh wow your painting is totally marvelous. Had never heard of this cat so thank you for explaining. Happy PPF and have a great weekend, Annette x

  9. i had never heard of a kodkod but they sound wonderful and your portrait is beautiful. it breaks my heart that so many creatures are already extinct or are endangered all because of mankind’s greed. we won’t be happy till we’re the only species left on the planet.

  10. I had never heard of a kodkod before either, but what a beautiful creature! I can’t believe how little they weigh. You’ve really captured him beautifully here. 🙂

  11. Oh, Mimi, each cat you paint and post is my new favorite! I had the pleasure several years ago, in the dead of night, on a back road, of spotting a small bobcat. I’ll never forget it; they are plentiful in the wilds of Idaho, but I’d not seen one before, and I haven’t seen one since. Thank you for being mindful of the cats in the world for us!

  12. Nice kitty expression. I’ve been absent from blogging. Boy, have things changed. Do I have to sign in now every time filling out all the sections before leaving a comment? So much typing before I even get to typing what I want to say? Is this right?

  13. Lovely expression in the face. I’m happy to be back to see your blog again. I didn’t like the time away especially due to health reasons. Happy New Year!

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