Felis Margarita – the Sand Cat

The Sand cat is an adorable looking little cat that can be found in desert areas of Northern Africa, Arabia and parts of Central Asia and Pakistan. They are a small cat, a large male weighs little more than six pounds.

The sand cat has highly specialized feet and ears, perfectly designed for life in the desert. Its feet are so furry, and the cat is so light-weight, that it leaves no tracks in the sand. The cat’s ears are shaped much like the bat-eared fox’s and readily listen for any potential prey scurrying across the desert sands.

In many countries it has been illegal to hunt the sand cat for quite some time now as it is a globally protected species, but the cat has possibly remained more well-protected by its religious significance as well. According to the Koran, Muslims believe that sand cats were once the companions of the Prophet Mohammed and his daughter, as they traveled by foot across the desert.

The sand cat can live without drinking water, instead obtaining all the fluid it requires from its prey – in this it is comparable to Black-footed Cat found in similar arid locations in parts of South Africa. The Sand cat is one of the few species of animals that might be profiting from the desertification of the Sahara. As humans find the desert too barren to survive, wildlife returns.

To read more about Sand Cats go here: http://www.agarman.dial.pipex.com/sandcat.htm
or here:http://specieshanginthebalance.com/sand-cat
This painting has been donated to the Felidae Conservation Fund, it’s a 6.5″ x 11″ handpainted watercolor. If you would like to buy it, please contact them.
They fund wild cat conservation and are part of a world wide effort to help these creatures.


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  1. I didn’t know about these cats. Thanks for the information. I like your idea about connecting your art with your activism to help the animals.

  2. I’ve never heard of this cat, Mimi! It is cute, and your painting of it is wonderful. Donald must be REALLY on the mend to give you this much time for your passion of painting. Great!!!

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