Worth more than money

Like many artists, I donate a fair number of my paintings to charities that I care about, so last month when I was asked if I had anything for Feral Care‘s fund raising auction, I offered one of my favorite cat paintings, the Smiling Cat. I liked it so much I painted it twice (I sold the first one so fast I had to paint it again)!
Anyway, a few days after the auction I received an email from the lady who had won that painting. She had a proposition, she would pay me more if I would change “Smiling Cat” so it looked like her beloved kitty, Carlos, who had recently died. I had a proposition for her too, I couldn’t bear to change my painting. For a good sized donation to Feral Care, I would paint a portrait of Carlos and she could give me back my Smiling Cat. We agreed. Photos were exchanged, plans were made, and in two days Carlos was painted. We met today at All the Best Pet store and what I received for that commissioned painting was immense gratitude, sublime satisfaction and a hug. I couldn’t believe how good that felt. That’s one of the best deals I’ve ever made.

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  1. I’m not enough of a cat lover to have one, especially to have one IN the house, but you have nearly convinced me! Smiling Cat almost changes my loving feelings. It is a very ‘inviting’ portrait!!!

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