How does a cat smile?

There are two kinds of animals who chose to live with human beings for companionship. The domestic cat is one of them. How well we get along with each other is partially measured by how well we learn each other’s language. This little kitty is air kneading, to show his pleasure. His eyes are also half-closed, which means he is really relaxed and happy. I’ll bet he’s purring too. Everyone has had a tuxedo cat. I had one named Figaro before I was born!
Thanks for the Reference Photo, Jeannie! This painting has already sold..

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10 responses to “How does a cat smile?”

  1. Super story great looking cat!
    A cat smiles with her entire body — upright tail leaning for ward ears straight up and if you’re close enough she’ll rub her head against you too!

  2. You’ve said it perfectly, and it’s wonderful that again you capture that reality through the painting. Love from Ana Goncalves on swapbot, blog me baby. Have favoured your blog, as see myself returning and enjoying your entries as well as your wonderful paintings. 🙂

  3. post a picture of your Robbie. If it inspires me, I’ll paint it! If you don’t want the painting, I donate a lot of them to the Feral cats neuter spay organization nearby.

  4. Mimi, what a wonderful painting of Junior! Makes me wish I’d posted a picture of my Tux, Robbie 🙂 …though I am sure I couldn’t have snatched it up quickly enough. You are amazing!

  5. Mimi, such a fun and good painting. Congratulations to the new owner who had the foresight to snap it up right away. The contrast between the sofa and the sleek kitty is inspired! Good palette too!!

  6. Mimi, this is such a good painting. My congrats to the proud owner for snatching it up so quickly! Sofa texture contrast to the sleek kitty is 2 thumbs up!!

  7. Mimi! Junior the Grandkitty looks wonderful! You captured him beautifully! My daughter would LOVE this! Too bad it is already sold!!

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