The Dance of the Slithy Toves

As a painter of realism, sometimes I have to just let go and paint crazy stuff. And then push it as far as it will take me. Here I have a trio of slithy toves dancing around a borogove. While Lewis Carroll (who wrote the Jabberwocky in which these creatures came to light for the first time in 1872) did describe each of these animals, I am suggesting that they are still subject to interpretation. And here is mine.

Enjoy! This fanciful little 3″ X 5″ painting is SOLD

3 responses to “The Dance of the Slithy Toves”

  1. I really like it! I’m also delighted that you are doing something so whimsical !

    If no one else snaps it up — I will. BTW I will probably take it down to my nabor who is an artist/art teacher who paints fanciful subjects like this.

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