RAMROD – 2009

RAMROD stands for Ride Around Mount Rainier in one day. It is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere one-day hardcore cycling event. It combines the incomparable scenery of Mount Rainier National Park with a challenging course featuring 10,000 feet of climbing over 152 miles. It is THE ride to finish, it gives you bragging rights forever. My husband Donald loved that ride. He did it several times; but one of the most memorable years was 2009, when the ride was scheduled the day after the hottest day ever in Seattle. While temperatures all over the Pacific Northwest soared over 100 degrees (and we think 75 degrees is hot), they got ready to do their ride. The next day was a little cooler, it was just in the 90’s. Donald was riding tandem that year with a friend, (no, not me) and was so psyched at the opportunity to finally ride RAMROD tandem, and just because it was so hot, I mean, for him, that was an opportunity!
This portrait is a commission for one of his best ever buddies of the two of them at a rest stop on the ride. While Donald is gobbling a banana, Chris is trying to cool down with a sock full of ice on his head. They had a wonderful day. I had no idea I was going to love painting this as much as I did, I am really thrilled with how well this commission turned out.


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  1. Dear Mimi, what a wonderful painting. So full of life and energy. Your husband’s tandem friend looks so delighted with the day and the event and life in general and Donald equally so. I’m happy for you that you have this painting of him on such a happy day. Thanks for telling me about it. Peace.

  2. Wow, Mimi — you really nailed this one! You captured the moment, the emotion and I think it’s the best painting of Donald I’ve seen!

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