Category: bicycling

  • An evening ride

    I love contrasty scenes with pretty skies and bikes. Need I say more?

  • Chillin’ at Folklife

    As I sit here today, cringing every time the wind throws more rain on my window, I think back to the warm weekend of the Folklife festival It was such a glorious day, my dear husband and I took many photos because it seemed that everyone had come out to enjoy the music and the…

  • 23 – Major Taylor

    I know, I know, I’m supposed to be painting faces, but if I didn’t show this guy on a bicycle, you wouldn’t know who he is. Major Taylor was one of the best cyclists that ever lived. He was born in 1878 and died in 1932. He broke numerous world records and broke the color…

  • Day 23 – Summit in the Rockies

    Someone saw my painting, Summit and asked if I could paint another with her favorite view of the Rocky Mountains. It would be a perfect valentine! And so it is. This painting is not for sale, but I could paint your favorite location instead. Please inquire for more information.

  • Day 16 – summit!

    After several intensive days of painting, culminating in an emotional portrait already packed and ready to ship to Italy, it seemed best for me to try something a little smaller and simpler today. In this painting, one can feel the exhilaration that one gets after doing something very challenging, like riding your mountain bike up…