Quoll – AKA Tiger Cat

The Quoll is really not a cat at all, it’s a small marsupial carnivore, big ones weigh 8 pounds. With a shiny pink nose and random white spots, it looks cuddly, but it is not. It is an endangered animal which is now found only in Tasmania and small parts of eastern Australia. It eats mostly insects and other invertebrates, but also includes rats and mice as part of its diet. It is a nocturnal solitary hunter. Fortunately for the Quoll, awareness of its plight is growing down under, and there are societies dedicated to its preservation. Quoll Bites is one of them, full of stories about Quolls found in all sorts of places, complete with photos.


3 responses to “Quoll – AKA Tiger Cat”

  1. Hi Mimi .. your pictures are great – and it’s lovely to see the animals – also to have a brief bio of them .. what a great Q .. clever .. cheers Hilary

  2. Beautiful picture and some lovely use of colour.

    What a shame to hear about another endangered species. We need to look after the animal kingdom better than we are. It’s really sad 🙁

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