Hellebore Hellebore Hellebore. Such a funny name for a pretty flower

I like getting an assignment. Sometimes when I don’t know what to paint and a friend tells me a story like the one that follows, I find myself very inspired.

So here’s the story: I have this really cool friend who is currently designing her yard. She decided she’d plant some Hellebores. While describing her plantings to her neighbor, the neighbor took great pains to correct her “That’s Helleborus.” She said. My friend has a LOT of class; and would never argue with someone about something so petty. But my friend was not born yesterday, and she KNEW that the word “Hellebore” was correct and that Helleborus was simply the Latin name for the plant. Well, the next day, same thing happens, My friend talks about her Hellebore nicely planted and her neighbor corrects her AGAIN.

So I decided my friend needed an authoritative postcard from a botany artist… and here it is!


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  1. Hi Mimi, What a pretty little flower! I’m not much of a gardener anymore but I had heard of Heliotrope which is a darker purple and incredibly fragrant. The flower shape looks similar = may be in the same family Hope Donald is doing better. Your name will link back to your blog from mine and I also created a link above on the side bar.

  2. Hi Mimi!
    Thank you for your warm’ welcome on ppf!
    I know this will give me a boost. This yr has been so difficult for me.. moving, and etc.
    I love your story about the Helebore looks like spell check will correct me no matter how I spell it! LOL

  3. The painting is beautiful and precise. Do you paint for flower books? You certainly could. I would recognize that one anywhere now. Blessings, Janet

  4. Both women are correct; it’s just that one chooses the common nomenclature and the other chooses the scientific.
    I think they should just go out in the alley and fight.

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