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February was letter writing month

March 19th, 2015 1 comment

handsss-001During the month of February, I pledged to write one letter (or more) every day. There’s a group that uses the acronym INCOWRIMO (and they have a blog too, google it) that helps people find other penpals to play. And of course, I couldn’t just write letters. I had to paint stuff. This is a painting of my hand. I sent it as a postcard to the owner of the blog at Http:// who asked people to send them hands. Follow the link, she’s got a lot of hands on there! A lot of creativity on those pages from people who live all over the world. Oh, and yes, that’s Chinese. I have been doing a little of that for fun.

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Autumn leaves & Shino

October 24th, 2014 1 comment

This time I combined my love of pottery with my passion for paint, and switched to postcard size. My favorite glaze is called Shino, it’s a mysterious glaze that was developed for its whiteness, but its reactions with iron make it a really colorful kind of glaze, with all kinds of creams and orange and almost red, and even black can appear. When reducing the painting size to this tiny format, a bit of the flexibility in doing the leaves is lost, so I had to depend more on composition to get an effect.

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True love’s embrace

September 24th, 2014 2 comments

So recently, the teenager in me has been reborn, so I decided to paint like one. When I was a teen, I drew a lot of pictures like this one. I had a set of pastels, which I used to express myself. I drew tragic figures, lots of hugging and maybe even kissing.. Think Romeo and Juliet. As a kid I already knew that love could be tragic.
Now in my 60’s I see love in a much better way. Here’s to love.

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The turquoise ocean

August 30th, 2014 2 comments


There are many pleasures that come with painting. The pleasure of the colors, the pleasure of the effect of the paper, the pleasure of the results. Daniel Smith Watercolors has actually formulated colors made from semi-precious stones. Most of them are not too impressive to me, but there is one that I really like. I have mixed feelings about it, because to make the paint, they have to crush the stones. The ocean in this painting is pigment from the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine. I use this color often but have never mentioned what it is before. This is another postcard on the 600 pound handmade Indian Village paper. It is really satisfying to paint on it. It seems to help me paint. Come here, touch here, go there, add here…

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Crows landing

January 2nd, 2014 1 comment

Living in the city, we don’t have quite the variety of wildlife that you might find in the woods. The smartest of our prolific birds is the crow. A day without crows here
is as rare as a day without cars. Doesn’t happen.

This painting is sold!

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