Free as a bird

When I try to imagine what life is like for a prisoner, I wonder what could uplift them. I don’t want to judge them, that is not my place. I only know that they are people too, with souls and wishes and dreams and very few joyful moments. I wanted to paint something for a lifer I correspond with. Since he’s somewhat religious (and no, I don’t know if it’s a typical jail house conversion or not), I thought a white dove would do double duty, symbolizing purity, freedom and the holy spirit all at the same time. White is fun to paint, because you really don’t just leave things white. I tried to put a rainbow into that bird.
I have been fighting a cold the last few days, it was nice to finally paint something this week, just a little bird.

6 responses to “Free as a bird”

  1. This is so lovely! I wish I’d gotten to see it live before you sent it off.

  2. Your dove is stunning and inspirational. I’m not in prison, but sometimes can use something bouyant, especially when fighting a cold or such. This painting did its job. Thanks for the gift from this viewer, too.

  3. The bird really does suggest joy and hope and I love the vibrant colors you used here!

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