Category: portrait

  • Rush Hour – part II

    The second of a series of Bike Commuters. This painting depicts to me the wonderful feeling of passing a bunch of cars stuck in traffic.

  • Rush Hour

    In celebration of bike to work month, a view of cyclists enjoying their daily commute. These paintings are for sale.

  • Painting the ghosts of the past

    One of the wonderful things about painting is it entails the act of creation. You can create would have beens, should have beens, or what truly was once; but is now ashes and dust. You can restore youth and vibrancy to the ugly, rigid and old, and portray innocence where in actuality, it can no…

  • Grazzano Visconti

    Imagine, you’re at a friend’s house in Italy and they tell you, that they have to go to work today; but you can take their bicycle, ride 5 miles on a flat country road and end up in a medieval village. Since it was off-season, what I found was nearly idyllic. Normally a tourist trap;…

  • B flat

    There are many roads to learning. A great way to learn a hard chord? Paint it! Next chord?