Painting the ghosts of the past

One of the wonderful things about painting is it entails the act of creation. You can create would have beens, should have beens, or what truly was once; but is now ashes and dust. You can restore youth and vibrancy to the ugly, rigid and old, and portray innocence where in actuality, it can no longer find the remotest foothold. Retrospection and painting go hand in hand; while painting, the mind can be in a place not accessible to mere mortals. Painting is storytelling without verbal language. A painting can fill voids, answer questions, or ask more of them.

2 responses to “Painting the ghosts of the past”

  1. I agree with Arturo — the caption is wonderful. The likeness almost perfect. The painting is smooth and pretty.

  2. Not only do you have talent in the capture, but also in the written, i am truely moved by what you have written here to accompany this portrait.

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