Category: portrait

  • Fun at Folklife

    This is a 1/4 sheet painting of a couple who were part of the crowd at the 2008 NW Folklife festival. I found her face intriguing and his a little unsettling. Her outfit begged to be painted.

  • On the beach – self portrait

    I attended a demo put on by the amazing Suzie Short this weekend, called Sea and Shore. This is my attempt to use the skills I learned from her. This is a little smaller than a 1/4 sheet on 300 pound Indian village organic cotton paper. I tried to limit the colors I used here…

  • Blues Harp – in his hands (Mark Graham)

    Mark Graham is a talented old time musician who combines good music with humor, a rather unusual combination. I was taken with his skill at working his mouth harp with his large, well made hands. He so kindly permitted me to paint this portrait while he was jamming at Folklife this year. I was recently…

  • Dobro man

    The wonders of the Seattle Folklife Festival include very young people playing very old music. If anyone thought this stuff was going to die out, guess again, it is firmly entrenched in an eclectic few and is being exposed to all ages. I can say with confidence that there are more young people at the…

  • whimsy kitties

    This is about being a cat from a cat’s eye view. I have been doing these whimsy kitties on and off, they are all originally inspired by a cat named Enza who I am lucky enough to have living with me.