Boise, Idaho – a jaunt to the hot dry side

I flew to Boise on Saturday to visit some family; and while I was there I had a little time to work in my journal. While sitting with my dear husband in Starbucks, I sketched him writing about the frustration of his niece having cancer — “Life isn’t fair”

At the niece’s house, the only good subject was the dog, so you see him here.

Later I went out on the hot porch, and sat with my hubby’s bicycle and drew it. Finally out on the road, on our way home, we stopped at a park in Baker City, Oregon, which was across the street from a museum. That’s where I found this wagon. In my journal, the bike and the wagon are side by side. I like the effect.

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  1. I’ve seen you sketch. You are surprisingly fast — that requires confidence in the placement of your strokes. I especially like the meridian bike drawing. You could sell this on one of the online image stores.

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