A postcard for you?

horses at dusk

This is a hand painted postcard. I have really been enjoying “Mail Art” and have been trying to paint a new one every day. These horses have been out in a pasture all day and I think they are ready for some oats.

I wonder if anyone reads my blog. Ok. So comment on this painting and I will pick a deserving person and send it to them. You? Maybe! I will contact you if I don’t know your mailing address..

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6 responses to “A postcard for you?”

  1. Yes, I read all your blog posts and enjoy the color and inspiration that come into my life via your watercolors!
    Like Dee Ready, I also read Thunderhead, and wasn’t there a third book, too?

  2. Dear Mimi, I so love horses. They are one of my four favorite animals. The rest of the list includes cats, giraffes, and wolves. And this postcard is a lovely setting for the three horses. It reminds me of being in high school and reading Mary O’Hara’s “My Friend Flicka.” Then I read its sequel “Thunderhead.” The story, if you don’t know it, takes place on a ranch in Wyoming and Flicks and Thunderhead are horses. Peace.

  3. Awww, sweetie, you know I’m reading your blog all the time and a big fan. As someone who can’t draw a stick without reaching for the eraser, I envy your skill in watercolours.
    You’ve worked some nice detail into the horse in the foreground and captured that moment of awareness when a horse sizes you up.
    thanks for hanging in there and for sharing.

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