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Cat nap

May 30th, 2011 6 comments

So, I was sitting there wishing I had inspiration because I really wanted to paint. My old cat Barbie, who more or less inhabits my studio is often asleep in a little ball and I use her as a model often. But this day, there she was doing a face plant! I could not resist and painted her there, sitting in my old rocking chair, doing the feline equivalent of ZZZZZZ. Over the top of the chair you can see the fringes of a crocheted shawl that an Italian cousin gave me in Italy

This is a 6 x 6 inch watercolor painting and is SOLD

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In my life – dandelions

May 28th, 2011 5 comments

One of my earliest memories was of Dandelions. As a tiny tot, I could gather them and possess a spot of sunshine in my hands. Naturally, they were everywhere. In fields, in cracks in the sidewalks, in slightly less manicured lawns, in parks, near schools.. And they had their own mystery of life. They went from cute little buds to brilliant flowers to incredible puff balls practically before your eyes. What other childish bouquet could transform so much in just a few days?
Years sped by, I asked for a dandelion corsage for my prom night. My boyfriend bought me an orchid. I was disgusted, he didn’t last.
My husband took me seriously, he bought me a daisy bouquet for our wedding (and then he wore it for this photo)

I have found Dandelions in every state and country I’ve been in. They appear to grow everywhere. Of course, you can eat them, I throw young leaves in salads, or add them to soup. I know that plants like this were what kept my ancestors alive sometimes – they survived famines. Dandelions are like people, they are everywhere. They are practically the salt of the earth. Isn’t that what I am?

One of the things about Dandelions that always fascinated me was the way they could grow to be 3 feet tall or just stay down around 6 inches tall… just depending on where their cotton puff seed umbrellas take them. I wish I could be as flexible…

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Free as a bird

May 12th, 2011 6 comments

When I try to imagine what life is like for a prisoner, I wonder what could uplift them. I don’t want to judge them, that is not my place. I only know that they are people too, with souls and wishes and dreams and very few joyful moments. I wanted to paint something for a lifer I correspond with. Since he’s somewhat religious (and no, I don’t know if it’s a typical jail house conversion or not), I thought a white dove would do double duty, symbolizing purity, freedom and the holy spirit all at the same time. White is fun to paint, because you really don’t just leave things white. I tried to put a rainbow into that bird.
I have been fighting a cold the last few days, it was nice to finally paint something this week, just a little bird.

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 7th, 2011 4 comments

It was a sunny day in Naples when I saw this couple crossing the street. It was obviously a mother and a daughter. I loved the way the older woman leaned into the younger one, and how the robust young woman helped her mother negotiate the curb and traffic. In Naples, that is not an easy thing to do!
It came to me as I watched them, how beautiful some Italian women are. Old, young, it doesn’t matter. Happy Mother’s day to you and your mom! This painting is for sale, it is larger than normal, I was trying out a new kind of paper. The paper itself is actually mounted on a board so it never wrinkled (kind of nice!) and it measures 14″ x 20″ it is priced at $300.

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