In my life – dandelions

One of my earliest memories was of Dandelions. As a tiny tot, I could gather them and possess a spot of sunshine in my hands. Naturally, they were everywhere. In fields, in cracks in the sidewalks, in slightly less manicured lawns, in parks, near schools.. And they had their own mystery of life. They went from cute little buds to brilliant flowers to incredible puff balls practically before your eyes. What other childish bouquet could transform so much in just a few days?
Years sped by, I asked for a dandelion corsage for my prom night. My boyfriend bought me an orchid. I was disgusted, he didn’t last.
My husband took me seriously, he bought me a daisy bouquet for our wedding (and then he wore it for this photo)

I have found Dandelions in every state and country I’ve been in. They appear to grow everywhere. Of course, you can eat them, I throw young leaves in salads, or add them to soup. I know that plants like this were what kept my ancestors alive sometimes – they survived famines. Dandelions are like people, they are everywhere. They are practically the salt of the earth. Isn’t that what I am?

One of the things about Dandelions that always fascinated me was the way they could grow to be 3 feet tall or just stay down around 6 inches tall… just depending on where their cotton puff seed umbrellas take them. I wish I could be as flexible…


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  1. You’re a NUT! Perhaps that is why I love you so much. One thing I always notice in your paintings is how they capture the emotion of your life. Regardless of the subject, your work is so very reflective of your feelings, and the feelings of your topic. In this painting, you have captured the freeness, the bright hope and the incredible strength of this marvelous plant. Now, are you making us some dandelion greens for dinner tonight? I love the way you do them kind alike when you do squash blossoms.

  2. Lovely painting, I like how you have captured the dandelion essence without overworking the painting.

    btw like the dandelion corsage too 🙂

  3. Great subject with interesting thoughts. And such a variety of colors interwoven in your dandelion painting. I listened to a homeopathic talk about dandelions and how they are found everywhere. One of the points was – I’m paraphasing now- that they were good for the liver. I had to check my facts:
    – Maybe nature’s way of critiquing our lifestyle?
    I think your wedding picture is just dandy!

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