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  • Scottish Wild Cat

    This cat has fascinated me for many many years. Not much bigger than a domestic cat, but smarter, faster, stronger and simply ferocious, this amazing animal lives in the roughest parts of Scotland. Other cats related to the Scottish Wildcat used to live all over Europe. Now not too many of them are left. A […]

  • Bobcat – our small North American Wildcat

    Bobcats, nocturnal hunters, can be found in almost every state of the union, but most people have never seen one, except maybe in a zoo. They inhabit the borderlands, hunting small prey like mice, squirrels, possums and rabbits. Unlike the Lynx, the other small North American wild cat, which will only hunt rabbit, the bobcat […]

  • Rusty Spotted Cat – the smallest cat species in the world!

    We’ve seen Sand Cats, Andean Cats, Kodkod, and the Blackfooted cat. But this little cat who weighs in at just over 2 pounds fully grown is the smallest of the small. Native to India and Sri Lanka, where they are seriously threatened by humanity, this little cat is barely holding on. They are opportunist and […]

  • Pampas cat

    I first learned about the Pampas cat when I was a little girl. The Pampas is a vast plain of south-central South America extending for about 1000 miles from the lower Paraná River to south-central Argentina southwest of Buenos Aires. It seemed to me that this cat was the equivalent of North America’s bobcat. The […]

  • Oncilla baby

    The Oncilla, or Leopardus Tigrinus is a small species of wildcat that is considered vulnerable. It lives in dense forested areas, those very same areas that are being clearcut all over the Amazon for slash and burn farming, but they are spread out in a number of countries, including Costa Rica, which treasures them. It […]