Scottish Wild Cat

This cat has fascinated me for many many years. Not much bigger than a domestic cat, but smarter, faster, stronger and simply ferocious, this amazing animal lives in the roughest parts of Scotland. Other cats related to the Scottish Wildcat used to live all over Europe. Now not too many of them are left. A small group of dedicated people are trying to help sustain the last remnants of what was a large population. The biggest trouble with these cats is that they readily breed with our domestic felines, so their gene pool continues to be contaminated with the genes of cats who learned to live with humans thousands of years ago. The effort happening right now to help these cats is a neuter and return policy of all feral domestic cats found in the habitat where these cats live. THey are also captive breeding some of the Scottish Cats.

If you wish to learn more about these cats, please go to and read all about them.

This painting is SOLD. If you wish to buy a giclee go here 66% of the price of the giclees go directly to the Scottish Wildcat conservation program.



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