Rusty Spotted Cat – the smallest cat species in the world!

We’ve seen Sand Cats, Andean Cats, Kodkod, and the Blackfooted cat. But this little cat who weighs in at just over 2 pounds fully grown is the smallest of the small.
Native to India and Sri Lanka, where they are seriously threatened by humanity, this little cat is barely holding on. They are opportunist and nocturnal and will eat just about anything they can catch including domestic fowl, and unfortunately the humans in the vicinity consider them good to eat as well. They spend much of their time in trees.
The Rusty Spotted Cat is extremely playful, and anecdotal evidence points to them being friendly enough to be pets. I’ve not seen proof of this though. There are Rusty Spotted cats in some zoos, including one in Berlin and one in Sri Lanka.

This little painting 6″ x 4″ is for sale for $50.00 to buy it send an email All proceeds from the sale of this painting will go to a wild cat sanctuary and conservation program.


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  1. Hi Mimi .. great art again .. and I loved hearing the bio of the little cat – conservation is difficult enough in developed countries, but in India, South America, Asia, Africa etc .. it is extremely challenging – I’m glad that you support the conservation societies through your works of art ..

    Good luck and cheers Hilary

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