Will Smith, poet, author, painter, family man

willsmith191 Artists can be opportunists, and I am no exception. When this gentleman showed up in my office building, I knew I had to paint his face. What a relief it was to me when he was amenable to the idea. Look out, mad painters abound in every corner and you never know if you will be the next victim!

3 responses to “Will Smith, poet, author, painter, family man”

  1. Mimi.. i know i say this all the time and i feel i repeat myself.. but i think this is the best watercolour portrait you have done to date!
    How does the saying go… “Your best painting is always ahead of you!”
    It’s been a pleasure to see your skills grow over the last 2 years!

  2. I can hear his deep, resonant voice as I look at him. And I agree, his chuckle matches his sense of humor. Does it? I LOVE your portraits, Mimi; you shine in that department!

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