Whimsy cats

When I started painting watercolors I hit on a theme, “whimsy cats” and painted dozens of them. Based on my patient and wise cat, Enza, I painted them all from the rear view, looking immense from an ant’s eye view in the tall grass.

All of them are small, postcard sized or a little larger, and I practiced my techniques on them, learning gobs about watercolor, composition, and color theory. I sold some of them, and gave a lot of them away to charity auctions. Here is one of the very few I have left that I painted in 2008. This painting is SOLD. It comes matted ready to be slid into an 8″ x 10″ frame.


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  1. Hi Mimi .. whimsy cats – love this picture .. and very clever that you keep testing and working … I’d love to draw or paint .. sadly not my forte – still I can appreciate .. loved your urchin, and then your vermillion – great pictures .. cheers Hilary

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