Valentine’s Day

As a small child, I loved making valentines. We were given paper lace doilies, construction paper and glue. We made the very most beautiful valentines that we could, intricate and pleasingly bright. Lucky for me, I had parents, because they were really the only appreciative recipients of my childhood valentines. But this one is for you, my readers.
I really like St Valentine’s day not just because of the chocolate, but because it is the one day of the year dedicated to love. Of course the entire candy and flower industry have done their best to capitalize on this holiday, like all others, but they really can’t take away the essence of the thing. With some holidays, the original message is all but lost. Valentine’s day is still just a day for expressions of love, something sorely needed these days. I hope you like my valentine!


5 responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. Well, I sorta assumed that this valentine was “mine”, since I arrived home and found it on the dining room table propped up against the beautiful boquet of flowers my sweetie bought and in sharp contrast to the deliciously tempting heart shaped brownie she also made me, complete with little Valentine candies embedded in it. I simply love the energy the love of my life puts into her expressions, and this one totally captures me. I’m wondering now if she’s going to let me hang it up on my office wall.

  2. I LOVE your valentine, Mimi! I made my dear husband a blackberry pie, and he put up a new shelf in the kitchen and presented me one of my favorite chocolate bars (Hershey’s extra dark chocolate with cranberries, blueberries, and almonds). He’s a good guy!

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