Tom Hoffmann workshop Mitla and the still


After a wonderful morning visiting the ruins at Mitla where a church was built right onto the walls of an ancient structure and painting for a while, we headed back to Oaxaca, eating lunch at a great restaurant which was also a mescal manufacturer. Tom got us permission to sit in the warehouse where they were processing the agave into mescal. He promised us it would be fun to paint the still with the beautiful landscape in the background. So I sat on the cool cement and painted the still. There was a little mollie mule there, she was pulling this immense wheel in a circle which was mashing the agave and separating the fiber from the juice. She always rested in the same corner, so I decided she was my next subject.


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  1. The mollie mule is lovely, well balanced and focused on the essential elements. The landscape is so restful. It seems your brush is more relaxed, letting the colours do more of the work and is that paper you’re letting peek through? Nice…I always enjoy your art, Mimi. Well done.

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