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Thomas Josiah Boothby, Junior

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My husband, Donald, had a special sparkle to his personality. He was extremely verbal and witty, full of energy, engaging and could be rather sarcastic. Imagine my surprise upon meeting his uncle, who had become estranged from the family in my husband’s infancy, and discovering they displayed the same personality characteristics. At this time in our life, meeting Tom gave me hope. He was reasonably healthy, still employed, and in fact, he lived into his eighties, with a full set of beautiful teeth. Meeting Tom was one of the events in my life that fueled my fascination with genealogy and family history. Donald and I started meeting the cousins, and finding true kin; people who were related to him and had much in common with him, even though they didn’t grow up in the same family. Tom Boothby was a bright light in my journey of human understanding.

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    Dear Mimi, you have so many good memories and that is a treasure to cherish. I’m glad that your husband discovered himself in his relatives. I can remember as a child feeling adopted. I had that feeling until I was 22 and got the habit in the convent. To wear the wimple/coif we had to have our hair cut very short. When I sneaked a good in the novice mistress’s mirror I saw that I looked just like my younger brother! My heart leaped with joy! I wasn’t adopted! Peace.

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