The Sentry – Mustangs running free

While wild mustangs or feral horses are considered pests by many, and by others, nothing more than weeds; their argument being that when Columbus arrived on our shores, there were no horses. Archaeological records show there were plenty of horses here, they were probably just hunted to extinction by hungry humans. I, for one welcome them and believe there is a place for them on our arid plains. Our Native American forefathers recognized them immediately for their utility and their beauty, incorporating them quickly into their own culture.
To me, there is not much more thrilling than the sight of wild mustangs on open range. Horses captured my heart when I was just a tiny girl and I will probably always enjoy painting them.

This painting, which measures 8.5″ x 11″ is for sale for $125.00. All proceeds go to nature conservation, specifically to endangered species conservation.


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