The Lady in Green

Those of you that have been following my paintings will recognize this lady. I have painted her face several times, attempting to capture the emotions that she displayed at a party almost 100 years ago. She didn’t fit in with the rest of the crowd, sitting apart from the rest of them, and looking away from them as well. Was she in trouble? Was she just insulted? I’ll never know, but she has captivated my interest for some time now. I hope you like her too.

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  1. That’s such an interesting photo! I can see why this particular lady interests you. I think the portrait is wonderful and really does make you want to get in her head and find out what she was thinking.

  2. Wow so powerful!!!! She looks distraught, possibly feeling contempt about something. She may even be in a state of depression. Incredible emotion! Very well done!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Yes she is captivating! Thanks for showing us the original photo! Your likeness to her is amazing, excellent work! Perhaps she is distracted by someone or something not in the photo… oh to know her story! Deb

  4. I can see why you’re fascinated. She looks to me like she is thinking – why are you partying when this (horrible thing in my life) is happening? Of course, that’s just a guess!

    You did an incredible job!

  5. Yes, I’ve seen your earlier renditions of this painting and they are all wonderful. She does look like she was crying and trying to hide it. She has a wary — even stealthy — look about her, but that could be simply wanting to hide her tears. Or…perhaps she was being pursued and is looking over her shoulder to check that she successfully eluded her pursuer. Maybe she’s smuggling secrets. Maybe she is strung out on some kind of street drugs and anxiously waiting for her supplier. Maybe she has the flu and is pining away for her blankey. No matter what her story really was, you did SUCH a great job of creating her mood and she’d make a great illustration for a romantic, or even fantasy/adventure, novel. Maybe you could submit a copy to a publisher?

  6. How interesting to find ‘a face in the crowd’ that’s held your interest enough to make a series of it. Where did you come across this picture? Did you know that company? (I did follow your source to see the original. I knew right away which woman she was.)
    The project becomes more facinating because of you, if not her!

  7. Fascinating.
    She looks as tho she’s been crying — or has seriously stressful things on her mind . . .


  8. Fascinating She looks as tho she’s been crying — or has seriously stressful things on her mind . . .


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