The Guard Cat of Amboise

guardcatfinishedMy sister is on vacation in France, and she sends me daily updates of her adventure. She saw a pretty garden in Amboise, France, but couldn’t get close to it because a cat growled and hissed at her. She managed to take his picture. The little black cat behind him seemed friendlier, but the first cat didn’t allow closer proximity. Thanks to modern technology, my sister shared her photo with me, and I was able to paint it (using paint, brushes and paper) and then take a picture of my painting and send it back to my sister. She exclaimed, “this is better than my photo!” and that, my friends, is what makes a good painting. This painting is 11″ x 15″ and is for sale for $175.00. All proceeds go to endangered species conservation.


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  1. This painting has “shades” of Vincent Van Gogh or even Claude Monet in it. Can you imagine what they would have thought of the technology involved with the “production” of this painting?

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