The Fishing Cat

The Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized wild cat of South and Southeast Asia. They are twice the size of a domestic cat. Their claws do not retract all the way like most cats, and they love water. Not only do they swim and fish, but they swim underwater for long distances. Fishing cat territory is unfortunately, prime waterfront property where human development continues to destroy habitat and over-exploit fish stock. Fishing cats are forced to eke out an existence among human settlements, even in cities, where they are hunted and blamed for predation of chickens and other small livestock. Luckily there are some foundations that are working to protect them and give them sanctuaries where they and other wild animals can live.
This painting is for sale 8.5″ x 11.5″ and for only $150.00! The proceeds will go towards renting two fishing ponds in Thailand to help conserve these wonderful cats.

Read more about fishing cats:

Want to hear a Fishing Cat’s meow?

About the painting:
I depicted the cat on a rock, which is like a small island, depicting the fragility of their existence today. The reference photo was taken from a large group of photos taken by a Russian couple who have a Fishing cat in their home. They have given open permission to use their images.


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  1. Mimi, I can’t tell you enough how awesome you are. Thank you for your support, and such incredible generosity. It’s not easy making a living as an artist, and you are a true champion of good heartedness. Would you be open to letting us showcase some of your beautiful paintings on CAT in WATER? Maybe even a guest post about what inspires your paintings? I know yu’re busy so no worries either way. Bottom line though is thank you from us.

  2. I am loving all of these things I am learning about these exotic cats each week (and with such beautiful paintings to accompany the lessons… fantastic)! Love those spots!


  3. Hi Mimi! I notice you have begun painting cats a lot! That is so cool – cats are wonderful creatures – this one – I can see what you mean about ‘fragility’ – its pose reminds me of those Polar Bears you see nowadays clinging to small sheaths of the melting Arctic Polar caps. Best of luck on your project!

  4. Mimi, I love your painting very much. Gorgeous watercolor! I also love how you are helping others and the environment through your creativity. Nice information too. Great work!

  5. Oh there you go….i never knew that tho i am not a painter who paints real things anyhow…just a beginner really…

  6. Your fishing cat is amazing…i love now you got permission to use it too….interesting research as well…xxx

  7. This is a beautiful painting. You have such a way to make the watercolors in the background gorgeous and yet not overpowering the central image.

  8. What a beautifully rendered watercolor! I’m with you in your love of watercolor. ;o) Thank you for sharing, I find animals notoriously difficult to do, I’m envious!
    Jenn from, hopping from paint party friday.

    (new follower!)

  9. what a beautiful painting! I live in MN and we have an endangered species protection program at our zoo and the fishing cat is one of the species they work with. I used to home school my son so we went to the zoo often and that was our favorite exhibit. Thank you for doing this to help protect this lovely creature.

  10. Another beautiful painting and another interesting lesson on an animal I knew nothing about! Once again, as is always the case, mankind have encroached on the habitat of another species and then persecuted it when it is forced to live in such close quarters to humans, such a shame that we do this to these beautiful creatures. thank you for educating me on this wonderful cat.

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