The curve of the hornist’s hand

To excel at any instrument requires practice and dedication, but there are some other physical qualities that can give you a real advantage with most instruments including: dexterity for the violin family, long fingers for the piano, a good embouchure for all wind instruments, which includes the French Horn. The French horn, however, is unique in the way it can be “stopped” with a hand. So the shape of the hand is very important. I recently went to Canada with my son who is an accomplished, gifted and talented French horn player. This is his hand. It is a very meaty round hand, not too large, which fits perfectly in the bell of his horn.

This is a Pitt Pen sketch. No watercolors were used here. I have discovered these pens which are great for when I am on the road, I can have lots of color to play with and no mess.


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