Sersale Door #3

I just returned from a whirlwind tour of some of my favorite places in Italy. I had the opportunity, once again to visit some of my best friends there, and some members of my family. I also had the good fortune to be given guided tours of the oldest neighborhoods in two towns, Atena Lucana and Sersale. In both towns, many of these old houses are no longer inhabited; in Atena, they were actually ruined in the earthquake, in Sersale, people just have chosen to live in newer places. This particular door really struck me because of the way it was inset several feet with this stuccoed portico.

4 responses to “Sersale Door #3”

  1. Che bel lavoro! ferisce che l’ombra non fosse un po’ ma obliqua…

  2. Now this is what I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… more please.

    Can’t wait to see what else transpires from your trip to La Bella Italia. With this watercolour, you have realised what I have in my imagination with this typical doorway…when I think Italy…these are some of the images I see!
    Love it!

  3. Wow — it looks like a photograph with just the nice subtlety only a watercolor can endow it with.

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