Regret – the lady in the red dress

I came upon a very old photograph of an office Christmas party. Everyone seemed to be stylish, happy, elbow to elbow, except for this one young lady. She sat far to the right of everyone else in the picture, and looked away from them all. Her hair was mussed, she just didn’t look like she fit in with the rest. I was so taken with her that I painted her. Not twice, but four times, because I just couldn’t get her face right. Until now. Here she is. I hope that after this party, she made a good decision and lived the rest of her life. But for now, she is stuck in the moment for you to feel her angst and wonder what really happened that night.

4 responses to “Regret – the lady in the red dress”

  1. This one I really like. I feel I can associate with her. There is such a depth of feeling in her face.

  2. Ah!!!! Yes…………………………..this looks like my favourite Lady……as soft as cobwebs……………………BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is stunning. I’m one of the very many who will Google your name after reading the New York Times article, just to see your work. I wish you extreme success from that link!

  4. To me she looks like she’s watching a man with the other woman. On second thought maybe she’s watching a woman with another man. Like she’s been betrayed. Good capture of her emotion!


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