Recipe for a bookmark

Last winter I made a bunch of bookmarks and they were so popular, there’s only 1 left in the house. Today I went to Susie Short’s demo for painting negative flowers for some inspiration. She was focusing on Irises, so I thought I would too. Here’s my finished painting:

Then I cut it into handy bookmark sized pieces:

The first three people that want one and leave a comment here can have their own original handpainted book mark. Leave a comment and I’ll contact you via email for your address. Thanks everyone for responding. I’ll have more bookmarks available at a later date.


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  1. Mimi, I enjoyed seeing all your paintings on your blog. The instructions on how to do negative painting are fabulous. I may have to try this soon. Please keep me in mind if you made more bookmarks in the future. Make sure you sign all your bookmarks for future collectors.

  2. Darnit…..I’m WAY too late! I love them though, very pretty! I need a ton of bookmarks for my Bible!

    I came over from Swap-Bot, for the I’m a Blogger, Follow Me! Swap. My name on Swap-Bot is Love2Teach.

    Wonderful photos!

  3. I love your bookmarks! I’m a watercolorist too, would you like to exchange bookmarks? I have a bunch to choose from, you just have to peruse my blog posts, lol.
    I’m actually visiting from swap-bot follower swap, although I’m not sure if I actually got you as a partner, lol. I decided to go down the entire list of people and at least visit each blog. I was starting to regret my decision (109 blogs is a lot!) then I came across yours. Now I’m happy I did, what if I didn’t get you as a partner? I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy your beautiful artwork.
    I will be doing a post with my partners links showcased, I’ll be sure to add your blog also. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss seeing your lovely paintings. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Jenn (jaemac from swap-bot)

  4. I love handmade bookmarks!! I have a group on swap-bot now Bookmarks of all kinds. It was given to me the group has been there actually. Thanks for joining my blog swap 🙂


  5. Robbin,
    I call them negative because I don’t actually paint the flowers for the most part, I paint AROUND them… It’s a fun watercolor technique.

  6. I don’t know why you call them NEGATIVE flowers; they look cheerful and optimistic to me ;-)) Beautiful bookmarks!! I’m going to drag out my watercolors and see if I can paint myself some confidence with your negative technique.

  7. I really like them too! They are so pretty! Maybe you sh sell them on ebay or etsy ? I’d love to use one of these!

  8. Mimi, those are beautiful… love the colors you used and I certainly would love a book mark!

  9. Simply GORGEOUS! What a wonderful idea for some of your paintings. I love the negative space idea too. You are SO talented, Mimi. And I’d LOVE a bookmark, as I’m an avid reader and always just turn down a corner of the page as a marker. I know! I’m ashamed of myself too, but can’t help it. I WILL be able to help it with a bookmark of you, however 😉

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