Portrait of a Stanford Student


Due to the hiring and layoff rhythms where I work, about 10 years ago we were at a strange place, where everyone in our group was close to 40 or older.  It was depressing to see the  the most important age group  missing here.  With the advent of the 787 programs we finally started getting some new blood again, young idealistic engineers, full of enthusiasm, new ideas, and, well; youth.  For every 2 new engineers that join our company, it seems like one leaves. They go to better jobs, they leave because they hate our climate, they get married to someone with stronger ties somewhere else.  Kevin left to go back to Stanford – to learn how to create. I’m sure he’ll end up with a great job somewhere when he finishes, but we’ll miss him for sure.

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  1. Oh, Mimi, this one fellow is sweet. Your rendition of his features is excellent. I feel like I know him…due to your skills and talents. Thank you!

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