Pick of the litter

Isn’t she adorable? She’s up for adoption.
I have had a few calico cats in my life. Of all the cats they have the most fun markings, but can still get lost in dappled shade because of their protective coloring. This little cat is hoping to be adopted this weekend at Kitty Harbor. If you want to buy her portrait, I will donate half to Kitty Harbor. And if you want to adopt Meggy, if you’re lucky, follow the link and she might still be available.

5″ X 7″ on Arches fine watercolor paper – hand painted with Daniel Smith watercolor paint this painting is SOLD but will eventually become available at Kitty Harbor as a note card

28 responses to “Pick of the litter”

  1. oh, what a beautiful face! I love the way her paws are crossed, and I like that you can see two sleepy friends in the background. lovely work!

  2. My mom is the one who adopted Meggie (her name’s Hattie now) and she is interested in purchasing the portrait but for some reason she can’t open the website from her computer…is there a direct way to contact you for purchase? Thanks so much! The painting is beautiful!!!

  3. So glad to hear Meggy was adopted. Although I’ve had cats all my life, I have my first calico now. Got her about 3 years ago and she’s a pistol. Such a big personality! I heard that calicos are known for that. Lovely painting.

  4. Just a beautiful soft painting of those soft creatures we love so much. I’ve had a lot of cats in my lifetime but now it’s just doggies. 🙂 Great piece.

  5. I enjoyed your painting of the Calico Cat. I had a calico when I was a child. Fond memories. Your painting is just beautiful.

  6. Our most favorite cat was a Calico Manx who had four beautiful kittens a couple times a year. The kittens were always so beautiful that we never got to keep any. In fact one entire litter was stolen! I love a Calico, and you did justice to this one.

  7. Mimi, I just looked at ‘Kitty Harbor”… in a different life I would want to share my time and life’s work between running something like this and painting! I do hop all the little guys find homes. Thanks for posting this…

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