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Pallas cat, master of disguise

manulsnow my reference for this painting was a photo taken by a Russian naturalist, and posted on a Russian cat conservation website. Since it’s been so hot here, I liked the idea of painting some snow, and, why not a cat too. The Manul, or Pallas’s cat lives in the most inhospitable places. They are about twice the size of a housecat, but have very low ears, a very dense furry coat, and round pupils in their eyes, like humans and large cats have. This painting, which measures 7″ x 10″ is for sale, only $100 plus postage. All proceeds go to wildlife conservation programs.

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  1. September 2nd, 2015 at 08:30 | #1

    Cute critter! Looks like an Ewok from Star Wars!

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