Painting the painter

My son was here before father’s day finishing painting a pie box for his father. It seems that my husband is a pie baker. He is actually famous for his pies, so a famous and prolific pie baker needs world class pie containers to transport pies in. My younger son designed the first pie box out of wood scraps that he had split with his bare hands and bare feet in karate class. He did all the design and construction, my older son did the painting. He was finishing up the last box here in my studio and I could not resist sketching him. The sketch is great, but painting is better, so here it is.


6 responses to “Painting the painter”

  1. Great picture you painted! I am famous for my pies too; I wish I had a pie carrier because the last time I carried one I dropped it, spilling the pie and shattering the pie dish! Boo-hoo!

  2. What a great story – from start to finish, a project that touched everyone in your family 🙂 Beautiful painting to commemorate it, too!

  3. Always nice to see one of your sons in your paintings. He looks like he is enjoying what he is doing! The juxtaposition of warm colors in the foreground and the cool shadows in the bkgd makes this composition shine, and gives it an old masters’ feel.

  4. What a nice family project! From the ground up. And you documented it! Another keepsake. A complete circle. Only needing the pie now. (Er, what kind?)

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