Painting in the garden


This time of year my garden is a riot of color. After several attempts at trying to capture the blue woods hyacinths which fill the whole yard with fragrance, I did a study of just them and I was finally able to get a color that evokes what they look like in my yard. There are probably too many hyacinths in my little yard, but nothing else smells so good and they look wonderful The tulips, which are beloved by many creatures that eat them, are brilliant spots of light and dominate the scene.
I felt like I made progress with these paintings.

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  1. Dear Mimi, it seems to me–as the onlooker of your art–that your watercolors have more and more depth to them while appearing spontaneous. I mean that as a compliment. I’ve always thought that watercolor was the most difficult medium. I like watercolors that appear spontaneous and that hint at what is there–the essence. the beauty. You more and more do that. Peace.

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