Paint together challenge

About a dozen artists have gotten together and we are all painting/drawing the same man’s face. Sadly I do not know who he is, where he was, or when he was photographed, more the pity because he certainly has a fascinating countenance. A lot of people suggested that he was living in part of the USSR, but if that was true, I would expect his cap to say “CCP” as it would be written in Cyrillic letters. What does he do? What was his relationship to the photographer? Does he seem like a nice person? These are questions the painter must ask themselves, and I am curious as to what you think as well. You are welcome to visit the portrait forum to see the other painters’ works as well, I think it’s fascinating to see them all together.

My next few paintings are straying away from portraiture; stand by.


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  1. This is lovely, Mimi. I remember this photo reference from wet canvas. One of my students chose to paint him in a portrait class we had. He said this man worked for the railroad. He said the SSR stands for Southern Shorthaul Railroad. So, he is a railroad worker!

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