Nonnie with color pencils

nonnieI am participating in a 5 day workshop focusing on faces, called Faces101 by Carla Sonheim. For this assignment, we were told to draw from photos of people that we know very well and to use colored pencils, which cannot be erased. Quite the challenge for an artist. I liked the last one I did so much that I put more than the allotted 5 minutes into it and this was the result. Here is my grandmother, Lucy Fressola. She was born in Puglia in 1910 and came to the USA on a boat when she was just 9 years old. She was such an important person in our family because of her intelligence, her drive, and her ambition, and her preservation of the culture that she was raised in. I have tried to emulate her all my life. I know she was proud of me too.


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  1. Amazing how much “character” you can capture with “just pencils” and “five minutes”! That is a real skill!!

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