Needle Case and other funny names for tunes

In a previous life, I played stand up bass for an old time string band. As a bass player, you are not really required to think much and as a result you tend to meditate a lot as you play tunes. Tunes with funny names, like Needle case and The girl with the blue dress and Yellow Barber. The list is as long as it is colorful, so as I played the simple rhythms, I would imagine just what these things looked like. Some of course, weren’t so nice, like Yellow Barber refers to a person of mixed racial heritage, but others, like Needle Case, simply referred to things that are no longer common. So I thought it would be fun to paint some of them one day. Just last week, I asked my good buddy Nants for an idea for a postcard painting. She wanted a painting of a guy playing Needle case. So I did that but it just didn’t seem right. So after I got that done, I painted a needle case.

and here’s the tune:

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  1. Yeah, funny names abound. I fully expected to see “Shove That Pigs Foot A Little Further In The Fire”

  2. Hi Mimi. there more to you than meets the eye… were you really a bass player in a band..Wow!
    I really enjoyed listening to the you tube music while reading… we don’t hear this music very much down under. It was enjoyable.
    Hope your well!

    Ps…the needle case is well painted, you can almost feel the texture of the felt…ouch… i stabbed myself!

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