Mimi’s Retirement party and Art Show

Most people that retire from Boeing get a placque, a cake, some cards, an autographed airplane photo, and a lot of well wishers, but my retirement party was a little different.
As a long time sketcher, I managed to cover the walls of the conference room with sketches I had done of my coworkers. If you were in a meeting with me, you were fair game. I wanted to share with my coworkers the results of all the meetings I had attended. So we turned the party into a little art show. Since I never drew myself at the meetings, I included a few of my self portraits.

It was a wonderful send off, and a great beginning to a new career.


8 responses to “Mimi’s Retirement party and Art Show”

  1. Congrats on retiring and taking on your career full time now – art!!

  2. yes I did!! you can see some blanks where people already took their own portraits down in the last photo.

  3. Hi Mimi .. what a great send off – yet you’ve left Boeing with many memories of your time there – I hope someone’s saved the pics as a memoir …. and too true – what a way to start out a new career .. lovely idea – cheers Hilary

  4. Happy Retirement! I retired from teaching in 2008, after my daughter gave me two granddaughters! Decided to invest in these children.

    I know you will be busy, maybe even busier!

  5. Dear Mimi, . . . first I want to thank you for stopping by my blog during April and commenting. I always appreciate discovering what readers think of my stories. And I’m always happy to discover a new reader/blogger and to find new and wonderful blogs.

    You certainly are talented. I look forward to viewing more of your art.


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