Meeting in Bologna

Every time I go to Italy I try to find new places to go. In 2008 I went to Bologna with my good buddies Vanda and Rino. We met a friend of theirs there and “did the town”.

Now about Bologna. Like most little kids of the 1950’s I ate a lot of Bologna (Baloney) I even knew it was named after a city in Italy. We carried Bologna sandwiches on Wonderbread in our little metal lunch boxes- I liked my Bologna sandwiches with dark mustard and pickle relish.

Bologna is a city that looks a lot like that Bologna we ate! The city is full of pinkish buildings. It is truly beautiful. It is also full of galleries; covered sidewalks – so you can walk through the town on a rainy day and not get wet. Bologna today is NOT famous for Bologna – instead they are very proud of their Mortadella, a cold cut that gave me terrors as a child because I knew it was made with BRAINS!
While I was in Bologna, my friends and I ate Mortadella proudly served by Bolognese. It was a wonderful day I will never forget. In this painting I sought to reproduce the colors of the city in the clothing that my friends are wearing. This city is truly a feast for the eyes.. And if you like Mortadella, you’ll eat well while you are there too.

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3 responses to “Meeting in Bologna”

  1. I won’t ever think of bologna the same way again. I’ll definitely enjoy the color more.
    I think I pushed the right button to ‘follow’ you now. Technical understanding of blogs is still hit or miss.

  2. The colors are delightful, Mimi. I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten balongna, if I have I don’t recall it. But you made it sound good. My mother made all of our bread and spread it with peanut butter for our lunches. It was very embarassing as a child when everyone else got to eat ‘store’ bread and balongna.

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