Margarita – the sand cat

I think this is the most amazing name for a little cat. Felis Margarita. Of the many breeds of tiny wild cats, Felis Margarita is one of the very few that appears to be benefiting somewhat from climate change, because as parts of Africa and South East Asia become more desert-like, people move away and give the hardy desert wildlife a chance to flourish.
This painting was done on a 1/4 sheet of Arches fine watercolor paper, measuring 11″ x 14″. It is for sale at the incredibly low price of $200. All proceeds will go to the Cincinnati Zoo directly to the program that supports the kitten whose portrait is painted here.

Charles Barilleaux, a frequenter of that museum, took the original photo; and if you visit his Flickr site, you will find many many more wonderful photos of Sand Cats, Fishing cats, Cougars, Caracals, and many others, including winsome photos of his family.

photo credits: Charles Barilleaux


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  1. I really like the emotion in the cat’s face, and the deep blue background colors in this one. Lovely, lovely…

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